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Sapphire's Biography

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Sapphire's Biography Empty Sapphire's Biography

Post by Sapphire on Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:19 pm

Name~ Sapphire
age~ 4 years
gender~ Female
breed~ a wolf husky mix
pelt~ black with some light carmely like splotches
appearance~ scar over the left eye due to a fight with another dog, very pretty, golden brown eyes, pretty large,
personality~ shy, a bit timid, nice, sometimes aggressive, selfless, a trouble maker, tends to get into bad situations, has the wolf instinct to hunt and such
past~ mom was a black husky, father was a light brown wolf, mom was killed by a hunter when I was a year old which caused my father to give me the scar over my eye. I left to the city where I knew he would never go, I looked enough like a husky to be able to wander the city but it was clear there was some wolf in me.
family~ an older brother that left to find a pack, due to being mostly wolf. sister was killed by a bear and my other sister left with my brother. mother is deceased, father as well he died in a fire.
secrets~ adopted a husky pup that was also of wolf and husky, from the same family as myself. she is 1 month old and stays hidden in a special spot deep in the woods where no one could find her. her name is Eclipse.

Name~ Sapphire

Nick name~ Fire

Species~ hybrid

Age~ 4

gender~ female

Breed~ husky wolf mix

Desired rank~ im admin

History~ sapphire grew up with a brother and two sisters, her mother was a husky who lived in the wild, her mother met her father and they had pups and made a pack. they had four pups, me, my brother whom is my twin, Demon. my two sisters, melody and Melony. unfortunately mother was killed along side Melony. she grew up with her twin brother and sister who her father favored,one day she upset her dad so he attacked her giving her a very noticeable scar on her left eye. Melody and demon left to form a strong pack as commrads so she ventured on her own, sapphire then met her young pup eclipse, her family abandoned her, she is white and brown very pretty little pup, a friendly wolf became her ally and they help each other out at times. but she normally spends her days isolated in the forest or the mountains.

personality~ shy, a bit timid, nice, sometimes aggressive, selfless, a trouble maker, tends to get into bad situations, has the wolf instinct to hunt and such, she can be a bit rude at time but often times she is polite and she will also help others in need of food as long as they do not pose a threat.

Characteristics~ scar over the left eye due to her father, she has mainly ,
black fur with brown sock paws, and a tint of white here and there, her tail partially black. she is a very large wolf for a female husky wolf hybrid. she has a few side scars from fights that she has encountered over the past couple years. her nose is black and her ears are pointed.

crush~ NA

Mate~ NA

Pups~ Eclipse (adopted)

Parents~ Delilah - mom (deceased) Jet - dad (supposedly deceased but he really isn't hes in hiding)

Siblings~ Demon- 4 year old twin brother (alive and well), Melony - sister (deceased), Melody - sister (alive and well)

Fur color~ brown, white and black. (on my profile picture)

Eye color~ golden brown

Strengths~ intelligence, speed, hunting and fighting skills.

weaknesses~ Eclipse,

secrets~ has an injured back leg from a past incident.

Others~ learn the rest within the RP

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